My ClassiQ LT tablet will not boot

If your tablet stops at the screen described in the file, follow the procedure to manually boot. If the screen is different, please contact support and send a picture of the screen where booting stops.


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    Hello, my t200 tablet will not boot. 

    the following errors appear at the bottom of the page,

    Fail to set system clock to hardware clock.

    Fail to start/etc/init.d/clock

    One of more critical startup scripts failed to start!

    Please correct this, and reboot.

    I can not send a picture of the screen at the moment but will as soon as I can.

    Thanks ,

    Charlotte Gannon

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    This has now been fixed and it appears to be working again.

    To fix it I went into the BIOS at startup and saw that the date was set to Jan 2038, I changed the year of the date to 2023 saved and restarted and everything came up as usual.

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