Machine does not take stitch

Push in on the two orange relays on the interface card on the back of the docking station. Also check the green connectors on the interface card to make sure they are secure and that the wires going into them are secure. The wires can be tightened using the small screws on the side of the green connector. make sure the power is off when doing this. If you have a switch cable, check that it is secure. To test the switches, follow the procedure here:

Remove the bobbin and the thread from the needle and take-up lever.
Go to System->Interface Setup/Test and do the following:
- Touch the Start Switch button several times. The machine should start and stop as expected. If not, increase the Start Pulse Duration by 50 at a time and try the button again.

-If the stitching does not start, listen to the interface board at the back of the docking station. Touch the Start Switch button several times. Do you hear clicks when you touch the screen?
- If there are no clicks, push the cover on the interface board toward the docking station, so it pushes the orange-colored relays back in their sockets. You may want to remove the cover and push the relays by hand. Repeat the Start Switch test.
- If this makes the switch work as expected, reduce the Start Pulse Duration to 300.

-If you hear clicks, but the machine does not start/stop, gently tug the wires in the six-position green screw terminal to see how firmly they are held. Pay close attention to the RED and BLACK wires.If you find a loose wire, loosen the corresponding screw, push the wire all the way in and tighten the screw.
- If there is still no stitching, unplug the six-position connector and use tweezers to connect together the screws that hold the black and red wires in the connector.


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