The tablet will not boot

Try taking the battery out and let it sit for 5 minutes, then replace the battery and attempt to boot. If the tablet boots off the machine, but not on it, there may be damage to a wire or connection. Check all wiring and connectors.

If the tablet stops at the same place during the boot sequence both off and on the machine, check what the screen says when it stops. If the screen stops and says "Loading Data" at the bottom, review "Loading Data" troubleshoot. If it says press Control D, then follow the Control D troubleshoot. If the screen stops on a page that says Intelliquilter at the top with the quilt background, but has no words at the bottom and a green or red rectangle, or if it resembles the screen in the attached photo, the hard drive is probably corrupted and the tablet should be sent in for repair. Please notify us on the support page. If there is any other screen, please upload a picture of that screen to the Support page.


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