Machine feels stiff in manual mode

The Intelliquilter adds about 10lbs of weight to your machine, so it is expected to feel a bit stiffer when in manual mode than before the installation. One way to alleviate some of this weight is to remove the tablet when using your machine in manual mode. Make sure that the motors have lifted properly and are not rubbing on the track.

The causes of the stiffness can be the following:
- Stabilizer rollers are pushed to the bottom of the rail too tight. Loosen the rear wheels, push the machine all the way to the front, push up the rear wheels so they just touch the rail and tighten the nuts. Do the same with the front stabilizer when the machine is all the way back.
- Stabilizer roller dragging. When doing the above adjustment and the wheels are not pushed against the track yet, spin the wheels and see if they don't spin freely.
- The Y-motor bracket is not installed properly. Typical errors are: soft mounts not removed, stabilizer plate is not pushed between the top of the axle and the bottom of the machine, the large shoulder washer is not mounted right, the mounting screw is not going through the hole in the stabilizer plate, the screw is not fully tightened, the screw at the other side of the axle is not holding the soft mounts tight.
- Ball bearings in the machine wheels don't spin freely
- Thread is caught on the wheels' shafts and/or the ball bearings on the fron of the carriage.
- The rear wheel is tight (ball bearing, thread caught, etc).


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