There is a problem with a pattern

If there is a pattern that will not work properly, or not stitching out the way it is supposed to on your IQ, there could be a few causes. If the pattern causes your tablet to reboot,  or won't go into a block, you can debug the pattern using the following steps:

Go to Utilities->Library Maintenance->Pattern Library, select Move.
Find and highlight the pattern. Touch the [Debug] button and follow the prompts on the screen.
Post the "debug.tar.gz" file from the USB on the Support page (

If the pattern stitches, but is wobbly or does not look the way it is supposed to, check your Dwell settings and your speed and detail settings and adjust them to see if this changes the appearance of the pattern.

If you notice drifting of the pattern as it is stitched, your motors may be off. If the drift is side to side, check your x motor. If it is up/down, check your y motor.


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