Intermittent communication errors

1. Go to System>Interface Setup/Test and start Communication Test (for update 8.20.15 or later it can be found in Main Menu> Utilities> Configuration> Interface Setup/Test).
2. Write down the messages on the bottom (INTERFACE:  X-MOTOR:  Y-MOTOR).
Note if anything is changing (flashing) in THESE messages (NOT at the upper
right corner of the screen).
3. Unplug the communication cable from the X-motor.
4. Write down the messages (see Step 2).
5. Reconnect the X-motor, unplug the cable from the Y-motor.
6. Write down the messages (see Step 2).
7. Reconnect the Y-motor.
8. Save and post the logs on the Support page. In the Comment field enter
the results in Step 2, 4 and 6).

Please also follow the steps listed here:


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