Machine stitches in one place

Stitching in place is most commonly caused by a communication error. Check all wires to make sure they are secure. This includes the USB cable on the back of your docking station (both ends) and your switch cable, if you have one. Also check the contacts between the IQ and the machine to make sure that they are attaching properly to the IQ. Check that your tablet is firmly docked in the docking station. You may need to do a hard shutdown, undock and reboot the tablet. For BasiQ tablets, make sure the USB connection on the bottom of the docking station is secure. If the problem continues, please send you logs through the support page (Intelliquilter Home, then click the Support tab). Lastly, check the two orange relays on the interface card, located on the back of your docking station. These two raised orange boxes can be pushed into the interface board to make sure they are secure.

If the problem occurs without the IQ, there is a bad connection within your machine and it is not an IQ issue.

This problem can also be caused by fluctuations in electrical output. Make sure that you have a surge protector connected to your machine and that it is working properly. If you are in an area where you know you can have power surges, a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) can help regulate the output from your outlet. If you have an APQS machine with M&M wheels, you may need to add a ground wire. APQS can supply you the necessary ground.


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    I am on two UPS one for the A-1 & one for the intelliquilter, I check all the connections and they seem fine. I still get the stitching in place, some days just once other days I can't leave the machine.  I shut everything down, re start , have checked all the cords & some days its just fine, not issues .  I just have never figured it out.

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