Routine Maintenance

Each day, wipe down the surfaces where the drive motors run with Windex sprayed on a paper towel. Let this air-dry.


Clean off the sensor wheels with a piece of dry batting. The newest motors do not have rubber ’O’ rings – they are made of a solid material that should not gather lint as easily.


If you have rubber ‘O’ rings on your sensor wheels, check them for cracks. Hairline cracks are not a problem but if a crack is big enough for a fingernail to go into, then that will affect IQ’s performance and it should be replaced.


Before turning on IQ, move your machine and watch the sensor wheels to make sure they are turning and that they are running in the correct position with no wobbling.


Check the wheels to make sure there’s no thread caught around either the drive wheels or the sensor wheels.


Check your machine’s wheels and clean them if necessary.

Clean any black oxidization from the white EdgeRider wheels with alcohol or Windex. If you get a lot of build up, then also clean your drive wheels and sensor wheels. Try using a light mixture of soap and water for the sensor wheels first. If necessary, you can use rubbing alcohol on the sensor wheels with rubber ‘O’ rings, but use sparingly.


Check that the tablet’s ac adaptor jack at the back of the machine is fully seated into its connection. Also check the connection into the transformer – that’s the black box in the center of the ac adaptor cable.


Use the cloth that came with your IQ to clean the tablet’s screen. If there are dirty marks that won’t come off with the dry cloth, spray a little Windex on another soft cloth and wipe the screen before turning it on.


About once a month, check that all the connections, including the orange relays, on the docking station interface are seated. The interface is the board on the back of the docking station.


Drain and re-charge your tablet’s battery about once every couple of months.

Just turn on the tablet when it’s off the machine and let it run down.  Connect the ac adaptor, and let it fully charge. The orange light will turn green when it is fully charged. This should only take an hour or two.  Repeat this process one more time.


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