Start to organize as soon as you download purchased patterns to your home computer.

Unzip and immediately delete any that aren’t relevant. IQ accepts patterns with the suffixes .iqp or .dxf.

Re-name the patterns if you want to and place them in files on your home computer so that you can easily find them later if necessary.  Keep them in files by vendor or by designer. Re-naming them before loading onto IQ keeps all the names the same in both places.

Load them into the patterns folder on your thumb drive in sets if you have purchased a lot of patterns. These sets must not be in a folder, they must be individual patterns loaded into the patterns folder on your usb thumb drive.

Once you’ve loaded the patterns onto IQ, immediately move them from the downloads catalog. If you transfer them in sets, you can move them all at once into their destination catalog.

When you go back to your computer, delete everything from the patterns folder on the thumb drive before loading more patterns. If you don't do this, iQ will keep loading the patterns over and over into the downloads catalog.

But how to organize? Think about how you use your patterns. To begin with, you may want to keep the designer’s catalogs already on IQ but later you may want to re-organize so that you can quickly find a particular pattern. Patterns can be sorted alphabetically, by type, by price (what you charge to stitch them), by popularity, by designer, as sets.

Which would work best for you? How would you find the pattern you want to use most easily?

My system has evolved and changed. I started with the catalogs named for the designer. I then moved patterns into catalogs by type – feathers, flowers, hearts, leaves etc. As these filled, I created more catalogs. My feathers became feathers – blocks, feathers – borders, feathers – corners, feathers – sashing. Starting all the catalog names with feathers kept them together in the library list.

I do keep copies of the same pattern in multiple catalogs if that will help me find it more easily. For instance, I keep holly leaves in leaves and Xmas and perhaps also in E2E.

If you re-name the patterns in a way that makes sense to you, then it’s easy to search. You can search by keyword – for instance, enter heart and IQ will find all the patterns with heart somewhere in their name.

You can also search using just the first or last letters. Enter as many letters as you want followed by a dot and IQ will sort out all the patterns that end with those letters. Enter the dot first then one or more letters and IQ will find all the patterns that start with those letters.

To keep a catalog close to the top of the list, enter a space before the name.


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