One motor bolt spins but other does not move

Clean and check your motor belt and pulleys for damage. If you notice any damage, on the belts, new ones can be ordered at Use part number 3044K503 and select 5” outer diameter. Check that the brass colored bolt has not become loose.

- remove the belt
- unscrew the brass screw
- drive it back 4-5 turns, making sure that it is going in straight
- put back the belt
- turn on the power

If you have BasiQ ver.3.1 motors, please notify us as a modification has been made to prevent the bolt from sticking.


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    Gin4john must be out of business.  I have a cracked pulley which means the bolt turns, while the pulley does not, therefore the pulley belt is not moving either.  I have the new super motor that has the cog-teeth-pulley and pulley belt

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