Tablet says new Stiq is unauthorized

To start using your StiQ with your Intelliquilter tablet(s) there are a few steps that need to take place. First your StiQ was preloaded with an update specific to your IQ tablet and your StiQ. This update is a security update to allow for synchronization between the devices to occur. In order to apply this update, insert your StiQ into your IQ tablet and run a "Program Update", this is very important, you will not be able to synchronize to your StiQ if you do not complete this operation. After the program has restarted go into "Load Patterns/Synchronize" and do an "IQ to StiQ". This will fill your StiQ with all the patterns/blocks/quilts on your IQ tablet. At this point you are ready to go. As minor changes occur between your StiQ and IQ you'll want to use the "Interactive Sync" to transfer the changes back and forth. Interactive Sync has detailed instructions and onscreen help for further assistance.


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