The update won't download to my tablet

If you are trying to update, but your tablet is not reading the file from your USB, there are a few things you can check. First, make sure the file made it to your USB drive from the computer. You should be able to view it on the USB window on your computer. Make sure it is not in a folder, but just directly on the USB. Check the file name. It must be iq.update.tar.gz exactly with no extra letters or numbers. Apple computers in particular sometimes change the file name when downloading, so be sure that the name is iq.update.tar.gz or the tablet cannot read it. Also make sure that you do not put the USB into the tablet until you see the prompt. If you have attempted to download the update a few times unsuccessfully, try rebooting your IQ. If at any point you put the USB in or took it out without the prompt, this may need to be done. For more instruction on updating, see:


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