Screen is not following speed of motors

If the speed of the screen display is not following the motors and you can hear the motors slowing down for this lag, you may have intermittent communication errors between the motors and tablet. Run a communications test to see if any errors appear (main menu >system > interface setup/test > communication test, if update 8.20.15 or later Main Menu> Utilities> Configuration> Interface Setup/Test). Also check all wires going to the motors, as intermittent errors may not show in the communications test.

Remove the covers from the motors.
- Unplug and reinsert all the connectors on the top of the controllers.
- Unplug and reinsert the two-position green screw terminal on the interface board at the back of the docking station.
- Remove and re-dock the tablet.

If this does not help, please upload your logs to the Support Page with a description of your problem.


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