IQ will not boot and says 'Give root password for maintenance (or type Contol D to continue)'

You need to set the correct date to complete the boot process:
1. Please plug in a USB keyboard in the turned-off tablet.
2. Turn on the tablet. When you see the Intel logo or the Sahara splash-screen, start hitting the [Delete] button. This should take you to the BIOS main menu.
3. The System Time is highlighted. Make sure that the Num Lock is turned on on the keyboard, and enter the current time, hitting [Enter] after each item.
4. When done with the time, use the [down arrow] key to highlight the date.
5. Enter the date.
6. Using the [right arrow] key, navigate on the top menu to "Exit".
7. "Save Changes and Exit" will be highlighted. Hit [Enter] and [Enter] again to confirm.

The tablet will reboot and go to the IQ program.

 If you cannot get out of the screen, you can try pushing the button at the top of the tablet using the procedure in this video

for i500 tablets:

for i400 tablets:

If the tablet still does not boot, try replacing your coin battery. If this does not work, your hard drive may be corrupted. Please contact us for information on sending your tablet in for hard drive repair.


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    I had this issue, it seemed catastrophic, however was a 30 second fix.  The instructions are perfect.  Thanks Zoltan, I thought I was out of business and to be up and running again after 30 seconds was awe inspiring. Note to self; don't ever change the system date again!

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    R Watts

    Where is the coin battery and how do I replace?

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    Zoltan Kasa

    Please give us the password of your tablet.

    Thank you,


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    R Watts

    Hi Zoltan

    Thank you for your quick reply. Our password is DADB343D. The tablet

    had been sitting (without power) for over a month(at least). I was able to get

    it going by following your videos and using a USB keyboard. The Intelliquilter

    is now working perfectly. We may need some batteries down the road as our system is fairly old. Do you sell these or do we go to the manufacture?

    Thank you again

    Bob & Martha Watts

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