Replacing coin battery in T400 tablets

If you need to replace the coin battery in your tablet, the i440 (new) model will stop at the BIOS boot-up screen and ask for pressing F1 or F2 to continue. There is no button that would act as F1 or F2. You need to plug in a USB keyboard before turning on the tablet and press F2 (F1 would take you a setup menu that may be confusing...). You will need to do this every time, until you replace the battery (see the picture in the Technical Support Photos folder on the first page of Photos). The keyboard will be needed one more time, right after you replaced the battery.The depleted battery can be replaced by a CR1220-type coin battery, available, for example, at
Radio Shack (catalog number 23-793).
Place the tablet on the desk horizontally, with the battery compartment to the right. Remove the
two screws circled on the picture and lift the lid.

Using a non-conductive tool (or your fingernail), wedged under the right side of the battery, flip it
up and remove it.

Put in the new battery slanted, as the picture shows.

Push the right side down to snap the battery in the socket.

Sometimes, after the battery replacement the tablet comes up with a message asking you to hit
a key (F1 or F2) to reload defaults. You need to turn off the tablet, plug in a USB keyboard and
turn on the power again to be able to continue booting. Please remember to reset the date/time in Interface Setup/Test every time you had to start the tablet with the snapshot button or the F2 key. This will help us to analyze the logs.


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