Machine wobbles while stitching.

Check that all wheels have the same resistance when turned with the hand and that they are all aligned on your track. Don't forget to check the stabilizing wheels at the front and back of the carriage. If this is not the issue, you can try lowering the Motor Sensitivity to see if that helps. Go to MAIN MENU and select SYSTEM. Then select INTERFACE SETUP/TEST. Usually it will be set to 16 or lower. Try reducing by one and see if that helps. If not, continue to reduce by one and test. Do not go below 13. If you still see wobbles when the sensitivity is at 13, look for the DWELL button on the blue ribbon under the image on the Sew Quilt page. Touch
that button to change it to Dwell 1 and stitch again. Often having dwell on
will help stop wobbles.

Wobbling can also be caused by having the stitching speed on your IQ set too high. Attempt to lower your stitching speed.

Also, check that the eye of your needle has not rotated to the left or right. On some machines, rotation of the needle can cause wobble.

Check that the casters on the machine are locked down on the frame.

If you have Supermotors and none of the above have fixed the wobbles, go to Utilities and start Clean Rollers. While the motors are running, wiggle the white cable connector on the drive motors (see attached picture). Do the motors stop rolling intermittently? Reverse the motor direction and try again. If the motor stops intermittently while wiggling the cable, or gives intermittent errors, you may need a replacement motor. Please contact us and let us know the results of the test.


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