My machine is giving false thread break errors.

  1. Is the thread break sensor wheel turning in the right direction? It should be turning clockwise. Look at the little arrow on the wheel as you pull the thread.

  2. Has the thread jumped off the wheel?

  3. Is there slack in the thread coming off the cone? If so, use a thread net or place a small piece of batting in the thread guide immediately above the cone to control the thread.

  4. Are you using slick thread that isn’t grabbing the sensor wheel? If so, wind the thread twice around the sensor wheel.

  5. Is the sensor wheel turning freely? Turn it by hand to check.

  6. Disconnect then re-connect the cable at the sensor wheel.

  7. Unplug and replug the thread break detector to make sure that it is fully plugged in. Make sure that the thread is properly threaded throughout the machine and that the tension is properly set. If this does not work, you can run the start switch test. Rotate the thread break wheel with a finger to make sure that it registers correctly.

  8. If it is still not working, try blowing some compressed air into each connector to clean them out and do the complete reset:
    - turn off the tablet
    - unplug the phone cable at both ends
    - plug in the phone cable, holding the cable, not the connector, until you hear the click of the tab snapping in the socket
    - turn on the system

  9.  Start up the system, but turn off the quilting machine.

    Go to System->Interface Setup/Test.

    Touch the Start Switch button.

    The thread break indicator should be highlighted in red and show “ON”.

    Start pulling the thread, making the sensor wheel turn clockwise.

    The indicator should turn white and display “OFF”.

    Stop pulling the thread.

    The indicator should turn red and display “ON”.




    If the indicator stays white and displays “OFF”, the complete reset needs to be repeated.


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    Sw Sewfine

    I sent in my logs, and I get this response.  Do my logs show anything?  Thank you.  Sandi Wagner

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    this was useful.  thank you. 

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