The pattern is drifting as the IQ stitches it.

Sideways drift of panto rows:

  1. Realign to the center of the quilt.
  2. Tighten the quilt. Most often the fabric being drawn up as it’s quilted causes this.

Upwards drift of panto rows:

      1.   Are the bars on the table parallel?

      2.   Is the take up bar lifting equally at both ends?

      3.   Are your leaders straight?


If the problem isn’t solved by any of the above, run the drift test pattern.  Remove top thread from the needle and take out the bobbin.

If your pattern is drifting as IQ stitches it out (toward the end of a pantograph pass, for example), a drift test can tell you if your motors are out of alignment. If, after running this test, the machine is more than 1/8" off from the mark, your motors need to be realigned. Contact your dealer for help aligning the motors.

Drift Test

To test the motor alignment follow this procedure:

  • Select one row of the pattern that shifted after stitching and start Preview.
  • When the Start button appears, select Restart and move the needle to the end of the pattern, watching the screen. Zoom in, if necessary, to match the crosshairs with the end point of the pattern.
  • Place a piece of masking tape on the quilt at the end point, and use the needle to put a hole in the tape.
  • Move the machine close to the start point.
  • Touch the back button to get out of Restart, the touch it again, to return to Stitching Sequence.
  • Select Preview again.
  • Start the preview and let it finish.
  • When the machine stops, compare the needle position to the mark. The extent of the horizontal and vertical deviation will show which motor needs realignment.


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