How do I send my logs?

Please log on and select Support on the left-hand menu. Fill in the information. If you don't see your dealer's name, select "My dealer is not listed".
Give the reason for sending the logs in the "Description of Problem" window

On your IQ tablet, go to Main Menu>>System

Select "Copy Logs to USB" and wait for the prompt to put in the USB

Once the logs are downloaded to the USB, plug in the USB to your computer. Select Browse and find the "logs.tar.gz" file on your USB.
Enter the security code and click on Send.

A step by step video can be found here:

If the file does not load, or you get the message that logs are too large, delete the original log.tar.gz file from your USB. Reboot your tablet and repeat the log download and upload procedures. Rebooting your tablet rolls out the oldest log file, so don't do it too many times or you may loose the info you need.


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