Catalog cleanup

Just a reminder to everyone to clean up your quilt library from time
to time, so start today by going to library maintenance > quilt libraries >
cleanup. Look at what's in your last quilt catalog - do all those quilts really
need to be there? Go ahead and delete ones you'll never need again now.
> Go through your other quilt catalogs too.
> Exit out, then select quilt libraries > move. Now move any remaining quilts
from that last quilt catalog into other catalogs. Scroll down to the end of the
list and look at what's in the recycle bin. If you want to keep any of those,
move them to another catalog.
> Exit out again and once more choose cleanup - scroll all the way down to the
bottom and delete that recycle bin catalog. (Next time you delete something,
recycle will re-appear)
> There should never be more than one or two quilts in 'last quilt'.
> Saving lots of quilts can eat up memory so unless you really think you'll use
a saved quilt again, go ahead and get rid of it.


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