IQ Parts and Terms

The docking station – this is where the tablet attaches to the front of your machine.


Interface board – this is on the back of the docking station. It is a green board with two green plugs from the wiring harness attached to it.


Thread break sensor – this is mounted to the top of your machine. The arrow on the wheel indicates the direction in which it should be turning when you are quilting.



X motor – this moves your machine side to side along your table.



Y motor – this moves your machine forwards and backwards on the carriage.


Sensor wheel – this is the large wheel you can see on your motors.  The original motors have rubber ‘o’ rings on the sensor wheels.  The new motors have solid plastic sensor wheels with a pointed edge and they are tucked underneath the motor cover. The sensor wheels make contact with a surface all the time.


Drive wheel – this is a small cylindrical wheel positioned right underneath the motor. It is not easy to see. The drive wheels have a rubber coating.  These are the wheels that lift and lower and move your machine. They are fully lifted (about a credit card height above the rail) when in manual mode. They are fully engaged when IQ is quilting. They are partially engaged at all other times. The newest version of the drive wheel is called Rubberclad.


Junction box – this is the small, black box that’s mounted to your machine’s carriage. It has grey wires going into it. It is part of the wiring harness. This is where each part of the wiring harness branches off.


Wiring harness – this is the name for all the wires you see on the outside of your machine. They go from the power supply to the junction box then on to the motors and interface board.


Power supply for the motors – this is usually mounted underneath your table. It is a silver box with holes in the cover.


AC adaptor for the tablet – this connects to a small jack near the motor power supply when the tablet is on the machine. It connects directly to the tablet when you use the tablet off the machine.



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