What strength engagement should I have Super Motors at?

Make sure to have your iQ in manual when you adjust the height of the motor.
When they are at the correct height there should be no more than a credit card's
thickness between the drive wheel and the track surface.
When you test the engagement strengths in the preferences, you know they are
correct when you move the machine slightly and hear a growl. Be sure to
thoroughly clean the drive wheels and the track surface and let both dry before
testing the engagement strength.

With the super motors you don't need to do the growl test. With the covers off
the motors watch the spindle shown in these two videos. One is correct, one is

For update 8.20.15 and later, there is an automatic engagement strength setter which can be found at Main Menu>  Utilities> Configuration> Motor Control Setup/Test. A video describing the feature can be found here:


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